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The Legendary Vendôme, Oscar & Honoré

Premium lambskin, 100% silk-lined, Made in France

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Our Luxury Driving Gloves

Micro-perforated, out-seamed, soft touch, premium lambskin and peccary skin

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Fine French Gloves since 1892

The oldest glove maker of Millau - A Living Heritage company - Rare and preserved know-how

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Our Driving Gloves

Discover our luxury, 100% Made in France driving gloves and driving mittens, made with care and dedication for the ultimate vintage driving experience!

Peccary skin or Lambskin gloves? What’s the difference?

Both are excellent, long-lasting and comfortable, but there are some differences that you may want to take into account when choosing your driving gloves

Our Premium Peccary skin gloves

Smooth & Very soft

Thicker & Excellent grip

Better for winter & mid-season

100% Handsewn

Our Premium Lambskin gloves

Traditional leather touch

Lighter & Very good grip

Better for mid-season & summer




Discover our great classics Rider and Bolide, both available in glove and mitten versions


Disover the delicate two tone colors Galopin and the great classics Rider and Bolide


Dedication, experience, 130 years of renowned craftsmanship

Our driving gloves are made not only to exceed your expectations, but also to provide you with an amazing comfort. Light yet extremely resistant, our gloves are unlined, micro-perforated and made to act as a second skin when holding the steering wheel

Only the finest skins from the best tanneries are used. Premium lambskin, premium peccary skin, vegetable tanning, they’ll take a wonderful patina with the time and will be an accessory you’ll be looking forward to wearing on your long driving sessions

More than 100 different steps, from choosing the perfect skin to the last quality checks are required to make a pair of Causse driving gloves. After working and stretching the leather several times, each piece is cut manually using precision tools, then assembled with vintage sewing machines or by hand. The holes are made manually using a punchole. The gloves are then placed on a metal hand, called “hot hand”, which will help finalizing the last touches and iron the gloves from the inside for a perfect result

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